Allegro A-9 and A-19

Ambassador III A-920

Ambassador IV A-60

Ambassador V A-68

Ambassador VII A-690

Ambassador A-691 (69-T Chassis)

Consolette 510 (s/n 10001-29999)

Consolette 610 (s/n 10001-19999)

Contemporary II C-810

Coronet C-808 (s/n 10001-29999)

Coronet II C-55

Coronet - R-1 Chassis (also covers R-2 & R-3 Chassis)

Custom 60, 61, 65

Custom Electra I

Custom Electra II

Custom Electra III - 420 #20001-29999

Custom Electra III - 420 #30001-39999

Custom Electra III - 440 #20001-29999

Custom Electra IV E44 (s/n 10001-19999)

Custom Electra V E-46X

Custom Electra VI E-48

Custom Electra VII E-49

Custom Electra VIII 48WA 49IPA

Custom Electra VIII E-490

Custom Electra VIII 49A & 49T

Custom Electra E-491

Diplomat I D-38

Diplomat III D-390

Executive II - 1000 & ST1000

Executive III

Executive IV

Executive V

Executive VI

Executive VII 990X (s/n10001-19999)

Executive VIII 950 (10001-19999)

Executive IX 960

Executive X

Executive 971 (69T Chassis)

Executive 972 (31R Chassis)

Futura II F-210 (s/n 10001-19999)

Futura III F-50X

Futura IV F-58

Futura VI F-590

Futura F-591 (69T chassis)

Living Theatre TV-66

Normandy II - N-710

Philharmonic P-22 (s/n 10001-19999)

Philharmonic III P-28 (10001-19999)

Philharmonic IV P-29

Philharmonic V P-290 (#20001-29999)

Philharmonic V P-290 (#30001-39999)

Premier F-220 (s/n 20001-29999)

President III & IV

President V

President VIII 8000

President X 9010

President 9011

Provence II -P-410

Promenade 310 (s/n 10001-19999)

Regent 5000

Regent II 6000 (R-200 & 400-CX-2 Manuals)

Regent R-592 (31R Chassis)

Series 101 (EL84 output tubes)

Series 101 (6V6 output tubes)

Series 202

Series 510 (1959) (s/n 10001-29999)

Statesman 1010 (s/n 10001-19999)

Statesman II S-70

Statesman III S-78

Statesman S-692 (31R Chassis)

Stereo Companion 560 (s/n 10001-39999)

Warwick W-59

Webster 357 Record Changer (1950 Coronet R1)




This is a list of Console Owners Manuals available on this web site:

Allegro A-190

Ambassador III

Ambassador IV

Ambassador HS-360

Consolette Series 610 (1960)

Contemporary C-800

Coronet II C-55

Custom Electric E-491

Custom Electra II

Custom Electra III

Custom Electra IV

Custom Electra V

Custom Electra VI

Custom Electra VII

Custom Electra VIII

Diplomat II D-39

Diplomat D-393

Dual 1014 Turntable

Executive 974

Futura III

Futura V

Futura F-5593 (F-591)

Metropolitan M-4592

Philharmonic IV

Premier F-220

President VIII

Series 510

Stereo Companion 560

Warwick W-59




This is a list of Schematics available on this web site:

50-A (1614) Schematic

70-AZ Schematic

100-AZ Schematic

Contemporary C-800 Supporting Documents

Contemporary C-800 Schematic

Contemporary C-800 Parts List

Custom Electra VII E-49 Schematic

Series 51 Schematic & Parts List



Both Owners Manuals and Service Manuals:


20-A SM

20-R (s/n beginning 10001)

21-R (s/n beginning 10001)

22-R (s/n beginning 10001)

23-R SM

30-A SM

30-C SM

30-U Cabinet OM

31R (s/n beginning 10001)

50-C SM

50-CH SM

50-F SM

50-PR SM

50-R SM

55-A Schematic


70-AZ OM

80-C Installation, Operting, & Service Manual

80-AZ (owners & service manual)

80-R, 80-T SM

80-T Tuner

90-C SM #1

90-C SM #2

90-R (s/n 19999 and below)

90-T (s/n 20001-29999)

100 (s/n 10001-19999)

100 Radio (s/n beginning 10001)


100-T Tuner/Preamp (s/n 30001-39999)

100-T Tuner/Preamp #2 (s/n 30001-39999)

101-R Tuner (s/n 10001-19999)

101-R Tuner #2

105 Receiver (s/n 10001-)

110 Receiver (s/n 50001-)

175-T (s/n beginning 10001)

200 Amp Schematic

202-R (10001-19999)

202-T Tuner (s/n 10001-19999)

202-T Tuner (s/n 30001-39999)

220-T Receiver (s/n beginning 10001)

390 Receiver Service Manual

400 Receiver Owners Manual

400 Receiver (s/n 10001-19999)

400 Receiver (s/n beginning 20000)

400 Receiver (s/n 20001-29999)

400 Receiver (s/n beginning 48001)

400-C Preamp (s/n 30001-39999)

400-C Preamp (s/n 40001-49999)

400-CX Preamp (7247) Owners Manual

400-CX Preamp (7247) Schematic & Parts List

400-CX Preamp (12AT7)) Owners Manual (from www.vintagehifi.net)

400-CX Preamp (12AT7) Service Manual (s/n 10001-19999)

400-CX-2 Preamp

500 Brochure (mono)

500 (mono) om/sm

500-B Receiver Owners Manual

500-B Receiver (s/n 20001-29999)

500-C Receiver Owners Manual

500-C Receiver (s/n 10001-19999)

500-C Receiver (s/n 30001-39999)

500-C Receiver (s/n 30001-49999)

500-S Receiver (s/n 10001-19999)

500-T Receiver (s/n beginning 10001)

500-T Receiver (s/n beginning 20001)

500-TX Receiver (s/n beginning 10001)

550-T (s/n beginning 10001)

600 Owners Manual

600 Receiver (s/n 10001-19999)

600 Receiver (s/n 20001-29999)

600 Receiver (s/n 40001-49999)

600 Receiver (s/n 50001-59999)

600-T Receiver (s/n 10001-19999)

600-T Receiver (s/n 21000-27000)

600-T Receiver (s/n beginning 37000)

600-T Receiver (s/n 39000-41000)

600-T Receiver Owners Manual

700-T Receiver (beginning 10001)

800 Receiver (s/n 10001-19999)

800-B Receiver Owners Manual

800-B Receiver (s/n 20001-29999)

800-C Receiver Owners Manual

800-C Receiver (s/n 30001-39999)

800-C Receiver (s/n 30001-49999)

FM-50 (s/n 10001-19999)

FM-80 Tuner

FM-90-B (s/n beginning 10000)

FM-90-B (s/n beginning 22001)


FM-100 (s/n 10001-19999)

FM-100 (s/n 20001-29999)

FM-100-B (s/n 40001-49999)

FM-100-C (s/n beginning 10000)

FM-190 Tuner Service Manual

FM-200-B Operating Manual

FM-200-B Service Manual (s/n 30001-49999)

FM-200-B Service Manual (s/n 60001-69999)

FM-200-C (s/n beginning 10001)

FM-1000 (s/n 21001C-21250C)

K-1000 Service & Operating Manual

KM-60 (KM-61) Tuner

KX-90 Service Manual

KX-200 Amplifier Service Manual

KX-200 Amplifier Owners Manual

MF-300 FM Tuner Brochure

MPX-100 Owners Manual

MPX-100 (s/n 10001-19999)

MPX-100 (s/n 20001-39999)

MPX-100 (s/n 40001-49999)

MPX-200 Owners Manual

MPX-200 (s/n 10001-19999) Service Manual

MPX-200 Brochure

PR-5 Brochure Schematic

R-200 Tuner (s/n 10001-19999)

R-200-B (s/n beginning 21001)

R-200-B (s/n beginning 32001)

RK-1 Remote Control - Owners Manual

SS-2 Loudspeaker System

TA600 Receiver Service Manual

TA600 Receiver Owners Manual

TA900 (500 mono)

TFM-200 (s/n beginning 10001)

TFM-300 (s/n beginning 10000)

TFM-1000 (s/n beginning 10001)

TX-50 (s/n beginning 10001)

TX-55 Amplifier

TX-100 (s/n beginning 10001)

TX-300 (s/n beginning 10000)

TX-300 Operating Manual

TX-1000 (s/n beginning 10001)

Webster 357 Record Changer (1950 Coronet R1)

X-44 Service Manual

X-100 Owners Manual

X-100 (s/n 10001-19999)

X-100-2 & X-100-A

X-100-3 Service Manual

X-100-B (s/n 10001-19999)

X-100-B (s/n 20001-29999)

X-100-C (s/n 10001-19999)

X-101 (s/n 10001-29999)

X-101 (s/n 50001-59999)

X-101-B Service Manual (s/n 70001-79999)

X-101-C (s/n 10001-19999)

X-101-C (s/n 20001-29999)

X-190 Amplifier Service Manual

X-200 (s/n beginning 40001)

X-202 Owners Manual

X-202 Amplifier (s/n 10001-19999)

X-202 Amplifier (s/n 20001-29999)

X-202 Amplifier (s/n 30001-39999)

X-202-B Owners Manual

X-202-B Amplifier (s/n 40001-49999)

X-202-B Amplifier (s/n 50001-59999)

X-202-C (s/n 10001-10999)

X-1000 (s/n 20001-29999)

XP-5 Owners Manual




1958 Fisher Catalog

1959 Fisher Catalog (17mb, 12 pages)

1960 Catalog of Consoles, Fisher Console Addendum Sheet, and Price List (10.3mb, 19 pages) - courtesy of www.vintagehifi.net

1963 Fisher Catalog

1964 Catalog of Stereophonic Radio-Phonographs (56mb, 24 pages)

Series 101 Brochure (900kb, 2 pages)

Fisher 80-AZ Brochure