This website is devoted to the collector of Fisher Entertainment Consoles.

Featured are details of Fisher brand consoles manufactured between 1950 and 1969 with additional years to follow as they are discovered. Included are drawings, pictures, chassis numbers, various cabinet styles, and operating and/or service manuals when available.

We have also added in our "List of Current Service Manuals and Owners Manuals" section information on Fisher individual components as well as some non-Fisher components such as turntables, etc. that don't have the fisher name.

It is a “work in progress” and we welcome any suggestions and additions to the database.

My name is Jon and my job was to obtain the Fisher Consoles domain name and attempt to make it into website form as well as make it more visible to the various search engines for people searching for information on their collectable pieces.

This website has no connection with the Fisher Radio Corporation or Sanyo Fisher.




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